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By blending music gems, craft beers, organic wines, craft sodas, slow food and a huge park, we created a festival that will make you feel at home.

Set in the idyllic park of Provinciaal Groendomein Rivierenhof, Unwind wants to set a new slow festival experience where the battle for choice is no longer persistent and one can take time to enjoy and discover music, taste Antwerp's culinary delights, get to know various craft beers and organic wines. Unwind believes that slow is more.

This year marks an opening night and a festival day, taking place on May 25th & 26th 2022. To end the first edition of Unwind, we'll dive into the night and city with an afterparty at Trix. No camping site foreseen, enjoy all delights of Antwerp by staying in the city.

Unwind 2022


Taking place in the heart of Belgium's most impressive park ‘Rivierenhof’ aka the Central Park of Antwerp.

You'll be immersed in the wonderful world of Unwind, in the green heart of Antwerp's Provinciaal Groendomein Rivierenhof. In the middle of (and with respect for) nature, with the well-known OLT Rivierenhof.

Rivierenhof received a Green Flag Award early this year, making it one out of ten best parks worldwide.

Unwind at night

To top off the first Unwind edition, we'll be diving into the night and the city on Thursday night, May 26th, with an afterparty at Muziekcentrum Trix curated by Aili. She invites Coco Maria and Rrita Jashari behind teh decks. All Unwind ticket holders get free access. Take time to party with us.

Unwind in the city

In addition to Unwind at Rivierenhof, there will also be future endeavors in the city of Antwerp. Setting out to all sorts of cultural and culinary collabs, a mixmash of experiences and spaces will emerge and make you discover Antwerp the Unwind way.

Keep an eye on this page for Unwind-offers in the city.