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Being one of the key pillars around which Unwind revolves, food & drinks play a significant role. To wash down all that tasty food, we offer a broad range of drinks. 

Microbreweries Brussels Beer Project, Tipsy and Cabardouche will offer you exquisite craft beers. Antwerp's natural wine experts Roeland Fort and Daan Guelinckx (Lasso / wine bar Osaka) put 'the wine in Unwind'. Ritchie puts some bubbles in your day with their old-time lemonades and Cuperus takes care of all coffee & tea lovers out there. 

Keep an eye on this page to discover the full menu. 

Craft beers


Not your average Belgian brewery! Brussels Beer Project stands for collaboration, innovation and circular economy, making it an urban beer that stands out from the large traditional breweries. 

Making beer out of unsold bread and brewing one new beer every week, they are pushing boundaries since the beginning, supported by an active community. 

Leave the abbey, join the playground!


Once upon a time every Antwerp neighborhood had one or more breweries, now there are only two official city breweries. Cabardouche wants to inject a fresh and new spirit into this thriving brewing past. 

They founded their microbrewery on a very special location in Borgerhout: under the railroads. Named after Napoleon's cabarets legacy, where Cabaret douze refers to the number 12 which was reserved for brothels; Cabardouche provides goodies behind glass.


Stemming from the late 1800's, going back to a collaboration between a bakers son and a brewer at Maes  where both men distributed bread and beer from house to house. Soon after they wanted to brew their own beer and so it came to pass. The brothers started brewing their own beer and founded a brewery: 'Brasserie Hermans Frères'. After many years and thanks to the grandchildren Tipsy comes back to life.



Importing and distributing natural wines into Antwerp & Belgium, Roeland Fort has established a solid reputation for himself. Due to organizing tastings he knows which wines to select. Pinky promise it will be as good during Unwind!


Natural wine lover, expert and sommelier Daan Guelinckx worked at Veranda for years, before opening Antwerp's finest wine bar Osaka and establishing his own brand Lasso. Collecting and selecting the finest and best grapes, he spreads the love for natural wines and allows you to try unique flavors. 

Craft Sodas

coffee, tea & more


The fifties. A time of fun and innocence. Brigitte Bardot, doo-wop, hulahoops and… Ritchie; delicious, home-style lemonade. Happily sold in Belgium till the late 70’s, Ritchie then decided to take a well-earned holiday. Now Ritchie is back! As effervescent as the fabulous 50’s but with a 21st century taste.


After it's foundation in Friesland (Holland), Cuperus established a shop and tearoom in the monumental Boerentoren of Antwerp. After several takeovers and location changes, Cuperus had its own coffee roastery and almost 20 years later the first coffee bar in Antwerp. Nowadays, you can find coffee, tea and cake lovers in one of their coffee bars around Antwerp.