26 May
11:00 pm
 & 3:00 AM

Rrita Jashari

Rrita Jashari (1989) was born in Prishtina, Kosovo and moved to Bel-gium at age 3. She's always been a music-passionate-person and hasbeen being involved in musical projects and collecting vinyl for years now. She's one of the founders of the Brussels based 54KOLAKTIV and 54Sound, a Jamaican style handcrafted soundsystem. Since a year, she’salso programmer at VK Concerts in Molenbeek and a resident DJ atKiosk Radio. In her DJ-sets, she likes to make people discover music by blendingsounds from various eras and areas, ranging from experimental, ethni-cal and underground music to dancefloor hits or even more poppy music– all of this depending on her mood, the context, place, public and thethings she’s been listening to in that specific phase of her life. No musicpurism!

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