This was Unwind 2022.
See you next year!

Unwind - tasty, different and full of thrilling tunes.

By blending music gems, craft beers, natural wines, craft sodas, slow food and a huge park , we created a festival that will make you feel at home.


Villagers, Gabriel Rios, STUFF., Alfa Mist, Naima Joris, YĪN YĪN, Joel Culpepper, Neue Grafik Ensemble, Kit Sebastian & Loupe  will be playing the first edition of Unwind.

Aili gets your dancing legs on fire on Thursday evening and invites Coco María and Rrita Jashari at Trix for a smashing Unwind afterparty.

Belgian music connoisseur Rik De Bruycker will guide you through Unwind as a host on Thursday May 26.

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